Premium Guestbook

An interactive memorial that connects family and friends.

Create a lasting memorial for Dr. Alfred Joseph Poggi Jr..

Guestbook Pay your respects to those you have loved and lost. Express condolences to the people who miss them too.
Memories Share photos, share stories and remind loved ones of special times spent together.
Milestones Build a timeline of your loved one's life that celebrates their achievements.

The History Project is a digital scrapbook for highlighting legacy and capturing life narratives. It allows you to collect important stories through videos, photos, oral histories, and documents.

Posts by family and friends become unavailable after they expire on . Make this memorial an enduring source of cherished memories by extending the Premium Guestbook.

When friends and family pass away, we want to ensure that there is a special place to bring together their story that's as vibrant as the life they led.

The History Project helps people collaborate and reflect at the moment of someone's passing and translates those efforts into a rich, living history which continues to grow and be shared.

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